China supplier HD469-2502029 4110001187063 Gear for CZPT Lgmg Mt86 Mt86h Mt95 Mt96L Tonly 875 875b 883 885 with Great quality

Product Description

Product Description

411 Pass-axle box cap 1 93 81.90685.0303 Flange nut 2 94 HD Passive column gear 1 95 06.32499.0571 Row-steep roller bearing 2 96 06.32499. Row-steep roller bearing 2 99 HD Active taper gear 1 1 Active taper gear 1 101 HD Active taper gear 1 102 HD Roller bearing 1 103 HD Stop ring 1 104 Q1811645TF2 Hex bolt 8 105 HD Bearing block 1 106 HD Adjusting washer as needed 107 Q5211228 Pin 2 108 DZ90149326 Differential case (right) 1 113 HD469-24571 Differential case (right) 1 114 HD Axle shaft gear washer 2 115 HD Axle shaft gear 1 116 HD Axle shaft gear 1 117 Q180571 Hex bolt 2 118 DZ911232571 Locking piece 2 119 DZ90149326 spherical surface Washer 4 122 HD Plant gear 4 123 HD Plant gear 4 124 Q522571 Pin 4 125 HD469-24 0571 1 Cross axle 1 126 HD Cross axle 2 127 DZ90149326 Passive taper gear 1 129 HD Passive taper gear 1 130 HD Passive taper gear 1 131 HD Differential case (left) 1 132 HD469-25571 Differential case (left) 1 133 DZ90149326 Flange 1 135 HD Adjusting nut 1 136 DZ9112320920 Axle seal ring 1 137 DZ95149326 Axle shaft gear 1 145 HD469-251 Adjusting shim 1 147 HD469-251 Cross axle 1 149 HD469-251 Differential case of axle 1 151 HD Active column gear 1 152 HD bush 1 153 HD Sliding engage cowl 1 154 HD Stop shim 1 155 HD Perforation shaft(input) 1 156 HD Locking piece 1 157 Q180571TF2 Hex bolt 1 158 Q218B571 bolt 3 159 81.25503.5714 Gearbox switch 1 160 19 Cylinder cover 1 162 HD Gasket 1 163 HD bush 1 164 HD Plunger 1 165 HD O-ring 1 166 HD Washer as needed 167 HD Washer as needed 168 HD Selector fork 1 169 HD Spring 1 170 81.90685.571 Flange nut 1 171 81.39115.0426 Flange 1 172 81.39135.2019 Dirt guard 1 173 DZ9112320920 Axle seal ring 1 174 DZ9112325715 Grease packing seat 1 175 06.32499.0571 Row-steep roller bearing 1 176 06.32499. Bearing block 1 179 HD O-ring 1 180 81.9 0571 .5710 Adjusting washer 1 181 HD469-24571 Active taper gear 1 183 HD Active taper gear 1 184 HD Active taper gear 1 185 HD Roller bearing 1 186 HD Stop ring 1 187 HD Adjusting washer as needed 188 HD Adjusting washer as needed 189 HD Adjusting washer as needed 190 HD Adjusting washer as needed 191 HD Adjusting washer as needed 192 HD Adjusting washer as needed 193 DZ90149326 Axle shaft gear washer 2 202 HD Axle shaft gear 2 203 HD Axle shaft gear 2 204 Q180571 Hex bolt 2 205 DZ911232571 Locking piece 2 206 Q151C20110TF2 bolt 4 207 DZ90149326 spherical surface Washer 4 210 HD Plant gear 4 211 HD Plant gear 4 212 HD Cross axle 2 213 HD469-24 0571 1 Cross axle 1 214 DZ90149326 Active taper gear 1 216 HD Active taper gear 1 217 HD Active taper gear 1 218 HD Differential case (right) 1 219 HD469-24571 Differential case (right) 1 220 DZ90149336002 Middle axle housing assembly 1 221 81.90801.5711 Anti-loose piece 1 222 Q41408 washer 1 223 Q150B571TF2 Hex bolt 1 224 199000330006 Vent assembly 1 225 Q5211228 Pin 2 226 81.90301.0571 Plug 1 227 Q1211655TF2 Stud 10 228 DZ905710000 Locking nut 12 229 DZ90149336003 Rear axle housing assembly 1 230 199000330006 Vent assembly 1 231 DZ905710000 Locking nut 12 232 Q1211645TF2 Stud 6 233 Q5211228 Pin 2 234 Q12116455TF2 Stud 6 235 81.90301.0571 Plug 1 236 DZ9112346116 Plug 4 237 190003098026 Packing ring 4 238 Q184A1018TF2 Hex bolt 20 239 DZ9112342013 End cap 2 240 Q2541030 Bolt 12 241 DZ90149346571 Brake drum 2 242 DZ90149346008 Hex bolt 2 243 DZ90149346005 Hub redactor case 2 244 DZ9112342041 Stopping washer 20 245 DZ9112342571 Stopping washer 4 246 Q43155 Circlip for shaft 2 247 DZ90149346045 Stopping washer 2 248 DZ90149346013 Central gear 2 249 DZ90149346012 Planet gear 10 250 Q43365 Wire circlip for shaft 2 251 DZ90149346011 Planet gear axle 10 252 DZ90149346009 Quill roller bearing assembly 10 253 164 ´ 4DIN472 Circlip for hole 2 254 DZ9112342030 Adjuster washer as needed 255 DZ9112342031 Adjuster washer as needed 256 DZ9112342032 Adjuster washer as needed 257 DZ9112342033 Adjuster washer as needed 258 DZ9112342034 Adjuster washer as needed 259 DZ90149346019 Inside gear ring 2 260 DZ90149346018 Gear ring bearer 2 261 DZ9112342091 Circlip for hole 2 262 32226 Row-steep roller bearing 2 263 DZ9112342061 O style packing ring 4 264 DZ9112342055 Wheel nut 24 265 DZ90149346571 Wheel hub 2 266 DZ9112342071 Wheel bolt 24 267 DZ9112342062 Circlip for shaft 2 268 32224 Row-steep roller bearing 2 269 DZ90149346571 Hub Packing ring 2 270 DZ9112342052 Oil baffle disc 2 271 DZ90149346026 Space ring 2 272 DZ9112440508 Washer 2 273 DZ911244571 O style packing ring 2 274 DZ90001500004 Hex bolt 36 275 DZ90149346571 Brake assembly 2 276 DZ90149346004 Bolt 2 277 DZ90149346016 Locking nut 2 278 DZ90149346015 Stopping ring 2 279 DZ90149346014 Locking nut 2 280 DZ90149346571 Axle shaft 2 281 DZ90149346033   Brake cam shaft(right 1 282 DZ90149346034 Brake cam shaft(right) 1 283 DZ90149346035 Brake cam shaft(right 1 284 DZ90149346036 Brake cam shaft(right 1 285 Q43142 Circlip for shaft 2 286 Q150B08205 Hex bolt 8 287 Q40308 Spring washer 8 288 DZ90149346063 Outside bearer 2 289 DZ9112340093 Packing ring 4 290 SXQ70006 Grease nipple 2 291 DZ9112340095 Ball bearing 2 292 DZ9014934606 Inside bearer 2 293 Q151B1645TF2 Hex bolt 8 294 DZ90149346037   Chamber bearer (right) 1 295 DZ90149346038 Chamber bearer (right) 1 296 DZ90149346039 Chamber bearer (right) 1 297 DZ90149346040 Chamber bearer (right) 1 298 DZ90149346040 Chamber bearer (right) 1 299 DZ90149346042  Adjuster washer Adjuster washer as needed 300 DZ90149346043 Adjuster washer Adjuster washer as needed 301 DZ90149346044 Adjuster washer as needed 302 DZ90149346041 Gap adjuster arm assembly 2 303 188000340571 Washer 2 304 10800032571 Adjuster washer Adjuster washer Adjuster washer as needed 305 10800032571 Adjuster washer as needed 306 108000320030 Adjuster washer as neede 307 108000320046 Adjuster washer as neede 308 Circlip for axle 2 309 Pin 2 310 Washer 2 311 DZ911436 0571 Brake chamber 2 312 190003903661 Pin 2 313 DZ9112440521 Choke plug 2 314 Q150B1016 Hex bolt 6 315 Q4571 Spring washer 6 316 DZ90149346030 Dirt guard 1 317 DZ911244 0571 Bush 1 318 Taper thread grease nipple 1 319 DZ9112440524 Return spring 1 320 DZ9112440525 Return spring pin 2 321 DZ9112440526 Support spring 2 322 DZ911244 0571 Holddown wheel 2 323 DZ90149346031 Brake shoe 2 324 DZ9112440529 Clinch 80 325 DZ90149346032 Brake camshaft 4 326 DZ911244571 Down return spring 2 327 DZ911244571 Pin axle 1 328 DZ911244571 Bullet axle 1 329 DZ90149346571 Brake camshaft 1



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Application: Truck
Certification: DIN, ISO
Material: Steel
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The Difference Between Planetary Gears and Spur Gears

A spur gear is a type of mechanical drive that turns an external shaft. The angular velocity is proportional to the rpm and can be easily calculated from the gear ratio. However, to properly calculate angular velocity, it is necessary to know the number of teeth. Fortunately, there are several different types of spur gears. Here’s an overview of their main features. This article also discusses planetary gears, which are smaller, more robust, and more power-dense.
Planetary gears are a type of spur gear

One of the most significant differences between planetary gears and spurgears is the way that the two share the load. Planetary gears are much more efficient than spurgears, enabling high torque transfer in a small space. This is because planetary gears have multiple teeth instead of just one. They are also suitable for intermittent and constant operation. This article will cover some of the main benefits of planetary gears and their differences from spurgears.
While spur gears are more simple than planetary gears, they do have some key differences. In addition to being more basic, they do not require any special cuts or angles. Moreover, the tooth shape of spur gears is much more complex than those of planetary gears. The design determines where the teeth make contact and how much power is available. However, a planetary gear system will be more efficient if the teeth are lubricated internally.
In a planetary gear, there are three shafts: a sun gear, a planet carrier, and an external ring gear. A planetary gear is designed to allow the motion of one shaft to be arrested, while the other two work simultaneously. In addition to two-shaft operation, planetary gears can also be used in three-shaft operations, which are called temporary three-shaft operations. Temporary three-shaft operations are possible through frictional coupling.
Among the many benefits of planetary gears is their adaptability. As the load is shared between several planet gears, it is easier to switch gear ratios, so you do not need to purchase a new gearbox for every new application. Another major benefit of planetary gears is that they are highly resistant to high shock loads and demanding conditions. This means that they are used in many industries.

They are more robust

An epicyclic gear train is a type of transmission that uses concentric axes for input and output. This type of transmission is often used in vehicles with automatic transmissions, such as a Lamborghini Gallardo. It is also used in hybrid cars. These types of transmissions are also more robust than conventional planetary gears. However, they require more assembly time than a conventional parallel shaft gear.
An epicyclic gearing system has three basic components: an input, an output, and a carrier. The number of teeth in each gear determines the ratio of input rotation to output rotation. In some cases, an epicyclic gear system can be made with two planets. A third planet, known as the carrier, meshes with the second planet and the sun gear to provide reversibility. A ring gear is made of several components, and a planetary gear may contain many gears.
An epicyclic gear train can be built so that the planet gear rolls inside the pitch circle of an outer fixed gear ring, or “annular gear.” In such a case, the curve of the planet’s pitch circle is called a hypocycloid. When epicycle gear trains are used in combination with a sun gear, the planetary gear train is made up of both types. The sun gear is usually fixed, while the ring gear is driven.
Planetary gearing, also known as epicyclic gear, is more durable than other types of transmissions. Because planets are evenly distributed around the sun, they have an even distribution of gears. Because they are more robust, they can handle higher torques, reductions, and overhung loads. They are also more energy-dense and robust. In addition, planetary gearing is often able to be converted to various ratios.

They are more power dense

The planet gear and ring gear of a compound planetary transmission are epicyclic stages. One part of the planet gear meshes with the sun gear, while the other part of the gear drives the ring gear. Coast tooth flanks are used only when the gear drive works in reversed load direction. Asymmetry factor optimization equalizes the contact stress safety factors of a planetary gear. The permissible contact stress, sHPd, and the maximum operating contact stress (sHPc) are equalized by asymmetry factor optimization.
In addition, epicyclic gears are generally smaller and require fewer space than helical ones. They are commonly used as differential gears in speed frames and in looms, where they act as a Roper positive let off. They differ in the amount of overdrive and undergearing ratio they possess. The overdrive ratio varies from fifteen percent to forty percent. In contrast, the undergearing ratio ranges from 0.87:1 to 69%.
The TV7-117S turboprop engine gearbox is the first known application of epicyclic gears with asymmetric teeth. This gearbox was developed by the CZPT Corporation for the Ilyushin Il-114 turboprop plane. The TV7-117S’s gearbox arrangement consists of a first planetary-differential stage with three planet gears and a second solar-type coaxial stage with five planet gears. This arrangement gives epicyclic gears the highest power density.
Planetary gearing is more robust and power-dense than other types of gearing. They can withstand higher torques, reductions, and overhung loads. Their unique self-aligning properties also make them highly versatile in rugged applications. It is also more compact and lightweight. In addition to this, epicyclic gears are easier to manufacture than planetary gears. And as a bonus, they are much less expensive.

They are smaller

Epicyclic gears are small mechanical devices that have a central “sun” gear and one or more outer intermediate gears. These gears are held in a carrier or ring gear and have multiple mesh considerations. The system can be sized and speeded by dividing the required ratio by the number of teeth per gear. This process is known as gearing and is used in many types of gearing systems.
Planetary gears are also known as epicyclic gearing. They have input and output shafts that are coaxially arranged. Each planet contains a gear wheel that meshes with the sun gear. These gears are small and easy to manufacture. Another advantage of epicyclic gears is their robust design. They are easily converted into different ratios. They are also highly efficient. In addition, planetary gear trains can be designed to operate in multiple directions.
Another advantage of epicyclic gearing is their reduced size. They are often used for small-scale applications. The lower cost is associated with the reduced manufacturing time. Epicyclic gears should not be made on N/C milling machines. The epicyclic carrier should be cast and tooled on a single-purpose machine, which has several cutters cutting through material. The epicyclic carrier is smaller than the epicyclic gear.
Epicyclic gearing systems consist of three basic components: an input, an output, and a stationary component. The number of teeth in each gear determines the ratio of input rotation to output rotation. Typically, these gear sets are made of three separate pieces: the input gear, the output gear, and the stationary component. Depending on the size of the input and output gear, the ratio between the two components is greater than half.

They have higher gear ratios

The differences between epicyclic gears and regular, non-epicyclic gears are significant for many different applications. In particular, epicyclic gears have higher gear ratios. The reason behind this is that epicyclic gears require multiple mesh considerations. The epicyclic gears are designed to calculate the number of load application cycles per unit time. The sun gear, for example, is +1300 RPM. The planet gear, on the other hand, is +1700 RPM. The ring gear is also +1400 RPM, as determined by the number of teeth in each gear.
Torque is the twisting force of a gear, and the bigger the gear, the higher the torque. However, since the torque is also proportional to the size of the gear, bigger radii result in lower torque. In addition, smaller radii do not move cars faster, so the higher gear ratios do not move at highway speeds. The tradeoff between speed and torque is the gear ratio.
Planetary gears use multiple mechanisms to increase the gear ratio. Those using epicyclic gears have multiple gear sets, including a sun, a ring, and two planets. Moreover, the planetary gears are based on helical, bevel, and spur gears. In general, the higher gear ratios of epicyclic gears are superior to those of planetary gears.
Another example of planetary gears is the compound planet. This gear design has two different-sized gears on either end of a common casting. The large end engages the sun while the smaller end engages the annulus. The compound planets are sometimes necessary to achieve smaller steps in gear ratio. As with any gear, the correct alignment of planet pins is essential for proper operation. If the planets are not aligned properly, it may result in rough running or premature breakdown.

China supplier HD469-2502029 4110001187063 Gear for CZPT Lgmg Mt86 Mt86h Mt95 Mt96L Tonly 875 875b 883 885 with Great qualityChina supplier HD469-2502029 4110001187063 Gear for CZPT Lgmg Mt86 Mt86h Mt95 Mt96L Tonly 875 875b 883 885 with Great quality
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